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Hyde Charter School-Taft School Auditorium Renovation

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Hyde Charter School-Taft School Auditorium Renovation

The challenge for this project was designing a state of the art Auditorium audio video system to fit within the existing facility, while still providing first class audio and video capabilities.

RCI Solution:
RCI took measurements of the auditorium and did a computer model of the room to select the correct speakers and speaker locations. The audio system includes a 32 channel mixing console, wireless mics, wireless intercom, under balcony speakers, and subwoofers integrated with the system design. Floor boxes will be installed with 24 mic lines run to the mixer, and a new 2×6 digital signal processing will be installed. A console desk and equipment racks are also being provided for the control booth. Left and right full range speakers clusters are planned with a subwoofer under each.

The video system includes a large screen 12,000 lumen projector, video sources, control, switching, cabling and installation materials. The screen will be a 16’ wide electrically powered screen. Computer inputs will be provided at the stage and at the booth. A DVD/VCR and a separate DVD player are provided. A switcher with a minimum of five inputs and the ability to control the projector will be provided and installed.

A preview monitor will be provided to allow the DVD/VCR and DVD to be cued up prior to displaying. Connectors, mounts, plates and panels will be provided and installed as required for a working system. This scope of work includes all cabling, install labor, design and engineering, testing, training and warranty.
Computer model of room showing speaker cluster locations.

Computer model showing cover measured in decibels as show by color. The red color at the bottom shows how the sound drops off at the stage to avoid feedback. The orange color at the top indicates how the sound drops off at the back corners under the balcony. Under balcony fill speakers are offered as an option to increase the volume in this area if desired.

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