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Alumni Event @ National Museum of Women in the Arts

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Alumni Event @ National Museum of Women in the Arts

University of ChicagoChallenge:
At an Alumni Event at the National Museum of Women in the Arts, RCI Systems was met with the challenge of providing a bright enough video projection onto a backdrop surrounded by equally bright up lighting and décor items. This exciting stage design which included a dais with comfy-chairs, coffee table, and green plant accents presented a number of physical obstacles making projection a challenge. Adding to this complicated project was an extremely bright back wash and well lit stage. RCI was certainly up to the challenge…

RCI Solution:
The solution for this special event production began with proper presentation and video formatting. RCI Systems employed the skills of its highly trained and experienced video technicians and graphics designers to ensure bright, high definition formatting. Secondly, RCI utilized a bright, 10,000 lumen projector to ensure high intensity with full color saturation. The result was a stunning video display, visible from any angle and from any part of the room.

What’s more, RCI made use of custom-designed, white column speakers (look closely and you can see these flanking the stage in the picture). These have been invaluable in venues, with the historic look, common to special event spaces throughout the Washington DC metro area.

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