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Annual Awards Event @ ACE Conference Center

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Annual Awards  Event @ ACE Conference Center

Annual Awards  Event @ ACE Conference CenterChallenge: 
An RCI System’s client wanted a non-traditional venue for an annual awards and appreciation event.  They selected the ACE Conference Center just outside of Philadelphia, PA for their mid-day event, in an event space that used to be an Olympic training pool.  The acoustics of the pool area were less-than ideal due to an open ceiling and three walls of floor-to-ceiling glass.  The biggest challenge was the beautiful wooden beamed ceiling.  Each beam had a total load-bearing capability of 400lbs each as one point, or two 200lb points.  The challenge proved to be how to hang a hi-Q distributed audio system, lighting for image-magnification and video recording, large format projectors to accomplish images on flanking 9×16 screens in daylight, drape and multiple client logos with that weight restriction.

RCI Solution: 
Using ¼ ton motors with short, light chains and lightweight trussing, RCI designed a grid that used only one point on each beam.  Projectors, screens, drape, lighting, and audio were all distributed across 13 individual points to balance the load.  Highly directional speakers were flown in small clusters and focused to keep all of the sound off the glass walls and out of the ceiling.  Black velour was flown as a backdrop behind a star curtain to keep the direct afternoon daylight from the room.  Projectors with a high degree of vertical keystone were used to get the image down onto the screen.  The event was a success!

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